YOGA STUDIOS/STUDENTS: Please contact me if you would like any workshops brought to your studio! 


The Golden Egg and Four Pillars


Think you know what your core is? Come explore your center in a revolutionary way with this workshop which focuses on the rib basket, pelvic bowl and deep muscles in-between (NOT your abs). I’ll explain the concept of The Golden Egg, how it is transformational in allowing you to sense and correct misalignment in almost any pose and how it’s vital for proper breath control. We’ll awaken the Four Pillars, learn how to control our transitions from within and stretch into all 360 degrees of our center. Great for practitioners AND teachers!

Dates and locations tBA soon!


Get upside down (safely but surely)

An inversion workshop for the 'seasoned handstander' and 'never before weight bearer.' Learn how to flip your perspective and safely support yourself upside down all the while maintaining control of your breath. We'll first learn how to stack our bodies (right side up) and engage the proper muscles for support and strength before playing with flipping our proprioception. Expect lots of unique tools to help you overcome any fear you might have with your feet leaving the ground! 

The Studio @ Spirit Lake, IA

7/14 @ 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM


Ever heard a teacher cue you to lift your pelvic floor or breathe into your pelvic floor and thought, “Excuse me? Hmm?” Come learn all about the pelvic floor muscles (you technically have three floors!), what they do, how they work and why they are so vital for our support and structure. We’ll learn how to engage them (not with Kegels!), how to let them go (so important!) and do lots of movements to help awaken our deep core stabilizers in connection with the breath. This is a great workshop for pregnant moms, new moms, not so new moms and men. Yes men- You ALSO have a pelvic floor and deep core that could probably use a little love! 

The Studio @ Spirit Lake, IA  

7/15 @ 11:30am-1:30pm



Tensegrity: Our Internal Scaffolding


What allows you to stand tall? You might be surprised to learn that we do not stand upright due to a rigid skeleton with muscles and ligaments attached. Our bones actually float in a myofascial matrix and we stand tall thanks to a delicate blend of tensile and compressive forces called Tensegrity. In this workshop, we’ll explore that very concept by using therabands, blocks and the wall as feedback mechanisms to help feel, internalize and grow the principle of tensegrity throughout the body. We’ll work on radiating out from within while engaging opposing actions and see how far we can stretch our internal consciousness. 

Your Yoga, Minneapolis MN 5/19 @ 2:30-4:30 pm