"Tiffany's practice is firmly rooted in anatomy, which not only fascinates her, but more importantly, she has actually taken time to make a rigorous academic study of it so as to better care for her yoga students from a place of scientific knowledge.  She knows how to engage props in a way that teaches you about how to activate and relax the exact muscles that prevent injury and build strength. Her sequencing is focused and organized. Each pose prepares the body for a chosen climactic pose with which she ends with enough time to unwind before the final resting pose. This enables you to make significant progress on otherwise unapproachably difficult poses. She enables and facilitates your own transformation without forcing you beyond your limits, but you will work hard in her class and she will motivate you to safely test and expand those limits. Tiffany's demeanor reflects the passion, thoughtfulness and care that have shaped her own inspired practice. Her background in reiki lends a healing touch to her physical adjustments, which are also precise, instructive and supportive. She doesn't preach about yoga, but rather her practice and her careful instruction of the poses themselves are her only preaching. She tends to entrust each student with their own philosophical/spiritual conclusions, which I really prefer since I dislike being told what to think, but her mild suggestions at the beginning and end of class encourage grounded self care and kindness. I am grateful to her for her guidance and her practice which has genuinely deepened my appreciation for yoga and enriched and furthered my own practice."      - Riley Ossorgin, NYC

"I have been practicing yoga for nine years, and Tiffany Fisk is one of my very favorite teachers. I look forward to her classes, and I am never disappointed. Tiffany’s solid grounding in anatomy, astute sequencing, and creativity combine to make her classes both pleasurable and challenging. Perhaps most importantly, with Tiffany, I am never afraid that I am going to injure myself, because she really knows how to encourage yogis to open their bodies and their minds to the practice, and safety is her top priority. I leave each class with a greater knowledge of my own body, a deeper connection to my breathing, and a sense of feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the challenges of my life. Often her classes are the high point of my day. She has given me so much, on and off the mat, and I am grateful to her. I will continue to practice with her as long as I can." - Anne Whitehouse, Author. NYC

"I’ve been practicing yoga for about 8 years and started studying with Tiffany about a year and half ago. After a few months I decided to take most of my classes with her, with occasional private sessions as well. Many yoga teachers are able to put you through a vigorous sweaty flow, but you don’t always know where you’re going, or if the poses are building to a complementary whole. There is nothing random about Tiffany’s classes — they’re rigorously prepared, with sequencing that’s well thought out, balanced, and a lot of fun to do. Her ongoing study of anatomy gives her the ability to explain the logic, the benefits (and the potential for harm) of the poses she’s teaching. Best is that she begins class by telling you what you will be working on for that particular class, and for the next few weeks ahead. She'll work on the same basic sequence and peak pose for a week a time, giving you a chance to really begin to get a handle on a new pose, and to refine poses you've been working on for a while.  But even if you just drop in occasionally you’ll probably learn something new, and get a great workout with a strong focus on safety and proper alignment. Her teaching style inspires discipline - the atmosphere is intense, but relaxed and supportive — and there are often a few good laughs too."- Mark Mannucci, Filmmaker/Producer. NYC

"I started doing yoga after going through an illness so it was a pretty remarkable and vulnerable moment in my life.  After practicing with a few teachers, I noticed that my mind and body connected with Tiffany in a very different and special way. She is beautiful inside and outside. Her energy is calming and relaxing but reinforces and strengthens at the same time.  Her love for yoga just transpires. She's so thorough, knowledgeable, keen, and she puts so much thought into her classes. Tiffany deeply connects with each and every single person practicing in her class. During my private lessons (which I pretty much became addicted to), she works on my goals, strengths and weaknesses in order to make the most of my body. It has helped me build a tremendous confidence in my practice. My body has experienced amazing changes. I have been able to accomplish things I thought were impossible. I'm a happier, healthier, more balanced and more peaceful person. I owe all that to her. I'm so grateful to her." - Ana Kausel, Endocrinologist. NYC